++ 18. Februar 2008 ++

With Version 3.3 Garmin has implemented a feature to display tracks in Google Earth directly from within the software. foreconv is therefore obsolete and will not be continued.

Thanks to anyone for using my software and giving me feedback.



foreconv is now compatible with Garmin TrainingCenter >= 3.2


foreconv is free for anyone to use. However programming and keeping up the software takes some time. So if you like to donate, just donate ;-). $5 or 5€ would be great.

You will find the download link in the right column beneath "Dateien".

Version 1.4


- added new xslt file for compatibility with new tcx format provided by TrainingCenter > 3.2

!! Thanks to Frantisek Malaga from Slovakia for rewriting my hst file to work with tcx !!

Conversion to GPX does not work with new TCX format in the current version!

Version 1.35


Even more XML stuff fixed.

Version 1.34


Again some XML stuff fixed.

Version 1.33


Fixed another XML issue. Should work properly with most recent versions of TC now.

Version 1.32


- Fixed another bug related to a new XML element created by the Garmin TC.

Version 1.31


- Fixed problems with GE 4 Beta 2. Using another way to display trackdata

- Made options for visibility and display working

- Switched to .NET-Framework 2.0

Version 1.3


- Fixed problems with new History-Format of Training Center 3.1.3

- Added options for visibility and display of altitude data (only available with History Format of TC 3.1.3)

- Textbox is scrolling now

- Date and time are shown beautified

Please update to Garmin Training Center 3.1.3 to use the new features of foreconv.

Version 1.2



- fixed problem of vanishing parts of a track

- added track information (km, time of run, average heart rate, notes)


- added names for tracks. Name = start time of a run

Version 1.11! Fixed a problem concerning the default namespace. This caused the latest version of Google Earth to throw an errory while loading the kml file

Version 1.1! This utility converts tracking data from Garmin Forerunner 301 into the GPX- or KML-Format.

All you need is the history file which can be created with your Garmin Training Center.

The GPX data can be loaded into Google Earth. After that your training runs will be displayed in Google Earth.


Open your Garmin Training Center and use File - Export History to export your Training data.

After that start foreconv and load the history file with Open History File. Use Choose Output File to choose a name for the gpx- or kml-File and click on Start Conversion.

Start Google Earth and choose File - Open to load the kml file. Use *.gpx as datatype if you want to import a gpx file.

After importing the kml file you will see a new folder History-Data Garmin Forerunner in the left handed pane Places. Open the folder and you'll find more folders for Biking, Running and the other modes.

The software

Core of this utility are two XSLT files which convert data between the history and the GPX or KML file. The C# program is only used to choose files and to start the conversion process. You can use the XSLT file with any other XSLT processor of your choice.


Tested with Windows XP. Should run on any machine where .NET-Framework 2.0 is installed. The .NET Framework is required.

Problems & Bugs

At this time you can only run foreconv from your local hard disk. Launching the program from a file server will raise an "site not found" error or a security warning. I'll fix that with the next version.


Usage is free for anyone. Feel free to pass the utility to anyone you like.

However the following restrictions apply:

- you may only pass the complete utility with the program, the xslt file and all readme docs

- you must not distribute the utility on any data media without prior written consent of the author.


This software is written and tested with high accuracy. However I will not take any responsibility for problems and data loss which might be caused by using this software.


Please download the software using the link on the right handed column right beneath "Files". Please choose foreconv131.zip.


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The newest version of Google Earth needs some formats which may be only optional in former versions. I manually changed the KML-format of foreconv and was able to show the path in Google Earth then. I sent these information to Martin yesterday and he should be able to change foreconv to produce a compatible KML-format.
[Stefan | 21.06.2007] Antworten

Hi, I have just upgraded to the latest version of the GTC 3.2.3 and tried converting a tcx file to both gpx and kml. gpx fails with an error and kml does not display any courses when loaded into google maps.
[alzo j | 15.06.2007] Antworten

Yes, there are some issues with older hst-Files. I will solve them within the next weeks.
However I would advise to upgrade your training center software for compatibility.
[Martin Goldmann | 30.04.2007] Antworten

Hi there mate, When I try the conversion of the .hst file from my ForeRunner 301, I get the following error. Do you know what may be the problem? . Sam
Wrong Namespace URI: http://www.garmin.com/xmlschemas/HistoryDatabase/v1
Required: http://www.garmin.com/xmlschemas/TrainingCenterDatabase/v2

[samstorer | 30.04.2007] Antworten

I am now running version 3.2.3 and the tcx file can be opened ok and produce a kml file But i still get the same error message when outputing to gpx.
[Paul Sugden | 23.04.2007] Antworten

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