Display Data from Garmin Forerunner 301 in Google Earth

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++ 18. Februar 2008 ++

With Version 3.3 Garmin has implemented a feature to display tracks in Google Earth directly from within the software. foreconv is therefore obsolete and will not be continued.

Thanks to anyone for using my software and giving me feedback.



foreconv is now compatible with Garmin TrainingCenter >= 3.2

foreconv is free for anyone to use. However programming and keeping up the software takes some time. So if you like to donate, just donate ;-). $5 or 5€ would be great.

You will find the download link in the right column beneath "Dateien".

Version 1.4


- added new xslt file for compatibility with new tcx format provided by TrainingCenter > 3.2

!! Thanks to Frantisek Malaga from Slovakia for rewriting my hst file to work with tcx !!

Conversion to GPX does not work with new TCX format in the current version!

Version 1.35


Even more XML stuff fixed.

Version 1.34


Again some XML stuff fixed.

Version 1.33


Fixed another XML issue. Should work properly with most recent versions of TC now.

Version 1.32


- Fixed another bug related to a new XML element created by the Garmin TC.

Version 1.31


- Fixed problems with GE 4 Beta 2. Using another way to display trackdata

- Made options for visibility and display working

- Switched to .NET-Framework 2.0

Version 1.3


- Fixed problems with new History-Format of Training Center 3.1.3

- Added options for visibility and display of altitude data (only available with History Format of TC 3.1.3)

- Textbox is scrolling now

- Date and time are shown beautified

Please update to Garmin Training Center 3.1.3 to use the new features of foreconv.

Version 1.2



- fixed problem of vanishing parts of a track

- added track information (km, time of run, average heart rate, notes)


- added names for tracks. Name = start time of a run

Version 1.11! Fixed a problem concerning the default namespace. This caused the latest version of Google Earth to throw an errory while loading the kml file

Version 1.1! This utility converts tracking data from Garmin Forerunner 301 into the GPX- or KML-Format.

All you need is the history file which can be created with your Garmin Training Center.

The GPX data can be loaded into Google Earth. After that your training runs will be displayed in Google Earth.


Open your Garmin Training Center and use File - Export History to export your Training data.

After that start foreconv and load the history file with Open History File. Use Choose Output File to choose a name for the gpx- or kml-File and click on Start Conversion.

Start Google Earth and choose File - Open to load the kml file. Use *.gpx as datatype if you want to import a gpx file.

After importing the kml file you will see a new folder History-Data Garmin Forerunner in the left handed pane Places. Open the folder and you'll find more folders for Biking, Running and the other modes.

The software

Core of this utility are two XSLT files which convert data between the history and the GPX or KML file. The C# program is only used to choose files and to start the conversion process. You can use the XSLT file with any other XSLT processor of your choice.


Tested with Windows XP. Should run on any machine where .NET-Framework 2.0 is installed. The .NET Framework is required.

Problems & Bugs

At this time you can only run foreconv from your local hard disk. Launching the program from a file server will raise an "site not found" error or a security warning. I'll fix that with the next version.


Usage is free for anyone. Feel free to pass the utility to anyone you like.

However the following restrictions apply:

- you may only pass the complete utility with the program, the xslt file and all readme docs

- you must not distribute the utility on any data media without prior written consent of the author.


This software is written and tested with high accuracy. However I will not take any responsibility for problems and data loss which might be caused by using this software.


Please download the software using the link on the right handed column right beneath "Files". Please choose foreconv131.zip.

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The newest version of Google Earth needs some formats which may be
only optional in former versions. I manually changed the KML-format of
foreconv and was able to show the path in Google Earth then. I sent
these information to Martin yesterday and he should be able to change
foreconv to produce a compatible KML-format.
[Stefan | 21.06.2007] Antworten

Hi, I have just upgraded to the latest version of the GTC 3.2.3 and
tried converting a tcx file to both gpx and kml. gpx fails with an
error and kml does not display any courses when loaded into google
[alzo j | 15.06.2007] Antworten

Yes, there are some issues with older hst-Files. I will solve them
within the next weeks.
However I would advise to upgrade your training center software for
[Martin Goldmann | 30.04.2007] Antworten

Hi there mate, When I try the conversion of the .hst file from my
ForeRunner 301, I get the following error. Do you know what may be the
problem? . Sam
Wrong Namespace URI:

[samstorer | 30.04.2007] Antworten

I am now running version 3.2.3 and the tcx file can be opened ok and
produce a kml file But i still get the same error message when
outputing to gpx.
[Paul Sugden | 23.04.2007] Antworten

Which Version of TC are you using? Is it the latest one?
I'd appreciate very much if you could send me your History file zipped
for debugging purposes.
[Martin Goldmann | 20.04.2007] Antworten

are you aware of the following:-
I've just used foreconv 1.4 and got the following error when trying to
Wrong Namespace URI:
Required: http://www.garmin.com/xmlschemas/TrainingCenterDatabase/v2
My version of training centre is 3.1.1
[Paul Sugden | 19.04.2007] Antworten

It lives!
Martin you are a star!

[Geoff | 02.04.2007] Antworten

I am using Training Center 3.0.2 and it isn't working. I don't get a
path in google earth. When I run error checking on the KML file, I get
an error with the parts of the file. The rest looks ok, but still
nothing appears.
[Andrew Thomas | 15.03.2007] Antworten

as mentioned before: Please install .NET Framework 2.0
[Martin Goldmann | 27.02.2007] Antworten

Getting an error that says program failed to initialize properly.
Please help!
[Jay Esjay | 27.02.2007] Antworten

Again I'm very sorry - I already started to analyze the new format.
However I'm stuck in so many projects. I'm afraid there will be
another delay.
Sorry to everyone - but it is hard to keep up to date with Garmin's
[Martin | 27.02.2007] Antworten

Dear M. Goldmann,
hope you fix this soon, cause i love your tiny application relly much
indeed :-)
Greetings from Kentucky

[Bruce Stanton | 25.02.2007] Antworten

Geez - Garmin.
Yeah I will adopt the changes in February. Sorry for the delay.
[Martin Goldmann | 30.01.2007] Antworten

Oh no! Garmin have changed the output file type to TCX.and it no
longer works with foreconv! Boo!
Any chance of an update?
[Geoff | 30.01.2007] Antworten

great software! if i may suggest one feature: altimetric profile of
the recorded course. in other words, a graph of elevation as a
function of distance traveled.
any chance you will be doing a macosx version?
[Ozalp Babaoglu | 08.01.2007] Antworten

Hi, happy new year to you too. Yes, .NET Framework is required to run
foreconv. You can install it via Windows Update.
[Martin Goldmann | 02.01.2007] Antworten

Happy New Year!
Sorry I can't speak German! : (
I downloaded your foreconv.zip file and tried to run foreconv.exe but
got a message about "install version of .net framework v 2.0.50727" .
is this necessary, and if so, how to do it?
[Geoff | 02.01.2007] Antworten

Hi Martin,
The fix for the track location worked great. Thanks a lot for fixing
I noticed a few more small bugs that you may want to fix.
1) For the average heart rate it extracts for the track information,
it takes the info from the last lap instead of the complete run.
2) The track information seems to use km by default. If possible it
would be good to take whatever is default (either in software or the
Many thanks for providing this great tool.
I am hoping google earth will allow displaying an elevation profile
for a run soon. Do you by any chance know a way to do that?
[Phil Clark | 01.01.2007] Antworten

I think, there might be some xml related issue. I will check that
after the holidays. Stay tuned for 1.34 :)
[Martin Goldmann | 26.12.2006] Antworten

Hi There,
I had a similar issue to John, where the placemark for my runs is
displayed in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, but the track are
displayed properly in the right location. Also you can't fly through
the track. I am using version 1.33.
However, I have three runs I uploaded and it does work fine for one of
them (the most recent one). Any idea what might be up? My last run
used the most uptodate version of the Garmin firmware, whilst the
others did not.
[Phil Clark | 26.12.2006] Antworten

Martin, you are the man. Didn't realize i didnt have .NET installed on
this machine. Thanks!
[Chad C | 14.12.2006] Antworten

John: I'll post a new version today. This should fix the bug.
Daniel: Yes, the new version should work with the 305 too. And
somebody told me that it works with Garmin cycle computers too.
Chad: Is .NET Framework installed on your machine?
[Martin Goldmann | 14.12.2006] Antworten

Beautiful product! Does this work with other Garmin products besides
Forerunner 301?
[Daniel Steinbock | 14.12.2006] Antworten

I attempted to download and the file is only 13kb, after winrar, run
exe file says application error needs to close. Help!
[Chad C | 14.12.2006] Antworten

You can also convert Garmin maps into Google Earth. See

[Jose Olcese | 13.12.2006] Antworten

Nice work on the software but I have a problem with my tracks from my
Garmin 305. The tracks appear where they should be (New York City)
but when I click on them, the description labels show up in the middle
of the Atlantic Ocean! Even stranger, when I try to replay any of
them, Google earth does a flyby of Spain!
I presume that this is a bug that, perhaps you are unaware of.
Keep up the good work and I hope that your next version is more useful
to me.
[John Sanchez | 13.12.2006] Antworten

Not this tool. However, you can download it and use the included
XSLT-Files with a XSLT parser of your choice - on any platform you
[Martin Goldmann | 13.12.2006] Antworten

Can you develop this for Mac OS X?
[Craig | 13.12.2006] Antworten

Awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome! I shall be donating, because that
is very cool!
[Phil Wilson | 30.09.2006] Antworten

too cool! I can see my Mt Whitney hike so well, this adds a whole new
level of fun to garmins.
[James | 21.09.2006] Antworten

please make sure you have .NET framework 2.0 installed on your
[Martin Goldmann | 31.07.2006] Antworten

Hi there, apols for not speaking german! can't seem to download the
pgm I get the following error message error message (0xc000135)
[Guy Gatenby | 31.07.2006] Antworten

I think I could do this - great idea. Gimme some time :-)
[Martin Goldmann | 29.07.2006] Antworten

This Google Earth converter is great. Next idea : Would it be
difficult to get the time / lap data etc. from Training Centre
converted so it could be imported to Excel . ? Many Thanks,
[Simon | 29.07.2006] Antworten

Works 'straight out the box', now I can see where I got lost! Thanks a
[Steve G | 18.06.2006] Antworten

Danke! It works great with the new version of Garmin's software.
[Marc Goubert | 22.05.2006] Antworten

Hi Lawrence,
yes, foreconv works with the free version of GE.
[Martin Goldmann | 17.04.2006] Antworten

Thanks for making this program. I just started to use it because I
couldn't get Google Earth to show the data from my Edge 205. It
worked GREAT. Thanks again. Will this work with the free version of
Google Earth? if it does I'm cancelling my Plus version.
[Lawrence | 16.04.2006] Antworten

An update will be available soon.
[Martin Goldmann | 04.04.2006] Antworten

Thanks for the useful application. Do you have an update for the
latest version of history file that Garmin exports?
[Marc Goubert | 04.04.2006] Antworten

You software is wonderful and does everything as advertised! It does
exactly what I need. converts my Garmin Forerunner data so that I can
view it in Google Earth!
[Norm D | 30.01.2006] Antworten

Thank you very much for this terrific software. I subscribed to Google
Earth Plus so I could use it with my Garmin Forerunner 301; but GEPlus
didn't import my Garmin files. Your software flawlessly converted my
Garmin files to GE files so I can see the pathes of my hikes, which is
exactly what I want to do! Terrific!
[Lon Sobel | 26.08.2005] Antworten